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«I love this! Great songs, great melodies and Robert’s heartfelt vocal performances. Fantastic.»

Steve Porcaro (TOTO)

«Robert Tepper picks up right where he left off. A classically powerful voice making truly classic tracks. Robert’s voice is full of passion and power. It hasn’t ever faded»

Joe Chiccarelli (Producer U2, ELTON JOHN, GLENN FREY, TORI AMOS and many more)

«Poignant lyrics and fantastic vocals show the reason why i have been a fan for 30 years»

Benny Mardones


Reaching Inside and Outside

3 October 2019

France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain… Just some of the countries listening to the new album: “Better Than The Rest”. It still feels like magic. So pleased to be sharing this.


1 October 2019

Feedback is always important to any artist. Especially this recording which was inspired by the fans who support and love this music. Here is your place to let me know how the music is reaching you. Say as much or as little as you want and thanks for listening. It means the world. – Robert […]


26 September 2019

Welcome my friends to a new chapter. New album, new record company and new website. All equaling a very exciting time in my life. This here will be the place to come if you want to stay in touch or you are just curious about what’s going on. Special thanks to all the fans that […]

Better Than The Rest

“Better Than The Rest” is Pablo Padilla and Robert Tepper asking the question: what if AOR music never fell out of flavor? The cinematic sounds, the overwhelming bigness, the swagger and attitude seems to live on. Our whole goal was to capture this territory and breathe into it some kind of new life. It took a year. I know it’s not perfect but I never felt better about a project – Robert Tepper.



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