Cobra | Soundtrack

Scotti Bros. Records / CBS 1986

  • Voice Of America's Sons

    John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band

  • Feel The Heat

    Jean Beauvoir

  • Loving On Borrowed Time

    Gladys Knight, Bill Medley

  • Skyline

    Sylvester Levay

  • Hold On To Your Vision

    Gary Wright

  • Suave

    Miami Sound Machine

  • Cobra

    Sylvester Levay

  • Angel Of The City

    Robert Tepper

  • Chase

    Sylvester Levay

  • Two Into One

    Bill Medley, Carmen Twillie

Cobra sound track was Stallone’s attempt at recreating Rocky4. Only one problem when the movie came out it was panned badly. But it’s kind of a cult hit. – Robert Tepper